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Your Free Mini-Reading is Waiting
The Transit Period is Here - Get Your Free Reading
A Shocking Period May Be Approaching Now
Hi {firstname},

You may be unaware that a time of profound importance - your Transit Period - could enter into your life as early as two weeks from now or may have actually already started for you and you don't even know it.

When your Transit Period begins, you will have a chance to reach for greatness, and attract ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE where you feel most challenged in life.

When this time approaches, dark clouds can part and the divine light can shine through, granting you CLARITY about your path to LUCK AND HAPPINESS, particularly in regard to LOVE and ABUNDANCE.

{firstname}, you may already feel the vibrations of this Transit Period now!  Luckily for you, now is the chance to get your Free Mini-Reading to find out what may come into or leave your life (very soon).

This Free Mini-Reading can draw a clear portrait of where you SHOULD be along life’s travels right now.

Though there is no certain way to know how many people my guidance has affected around the globe, all that matters is that your reading can affect you right now!

Don't delay, see what the Transit future has in store for you now:


Best Regards,

Your Name

Subject Lines:
This Hidden Potential is Locked Inside You
What is Blocking You from Your Full Potential?
Here's Why Your Astral Chart Show No Unlucky Stars
Hi {firstname},

You have a hidden potential locked deep inside of you. It has always been there and it allows you to make something of your luck. 

That hidden potential is a burning white contrast to the challenging life you currently lead, along with the negative black energies that may be ruthlessly affecting you in the now.

The good news is you can learn to unlock your potential and overcome these difficulties and other financial stresses that hover over you like a dark cloud.

Here’s why...
Venus and other planets that knock into your Destiny, can imbue you with Lucky Power beyond your wildest dreams.

By now this should have worked in your favor several times over in various areas of your life. But maybe that isn’t quite the case.

Obviously you’ve had moments of happiness and good times. But you might feel that you’re lacking when it comes to the coin landing heads up in many important areas. Wouldn’t you agree?

You have had times of luck and joy along your journey. But SOMETHING MAY BE BLOCKING YOU FROM TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RIGHTFUL LUCK and you feel it continuously passes you by.

Without a doubt there have been MOMENTS FOR ENORMOUS GAINS THAT WERE POSSIBLE FOR YOU on numerous occasions, but maybe it seems like there is a wall standing in your path just between where you are and your success on the other side.

Never say, “I’ve never been lucky, and never will because I attract bad luck… I’ll be stuck here forever!”

Believe me, this is NOT you, and I say that based on all of my years of experience in the field!
Happiness is yours by right! And you should know the truth. 

Your astral chart shows no unlucky stars. You only need to follow THE PATH OF HAPPINESS AND LUCK as suggested by your master planets, which will soon begin to influence your future… assuming you know how to call upon them for aid.

Don't delay in getting your Free Mini-Reading that will paint a picture for your future so you can understand your Transits and what lies ahead.

Get it now:


Best Regards,

Your Name

Subject Lines:
It's Not Too Late to Change Your Luck
How America's Got Talent Star Changed her Fortune
Your Transit Period Could Change Your Life
Hi {firstname},

Because your TRANSIT PERIOD WHICH IS RAPIDLY FOLLOWING COURSE is unique when the cosmic bodies of your Astral Chart sync with each other in ways that put your life on “overdrive.”

Have you ever noticed how people can have inconsistent luck?

You’ll either hear them talk about their “lucky streak” or how things have “really gone downhill lately.”

Well, that’s because everyone’s cosmic bodies are CONSTANTLY MOVING, flowing in and out of alignment with one another. Such an incredible number of factors come into play that you can think of it like trying to solve a most complicated Chinese puzzle.

Everyone goes through an “astral puzzle” not knowing which way to turn the pieces so they click into place. Some people get lucky and make some progress with their puzzle, yet other times they just twist up their minds as they have a period of bad luck until a “new puzzle” (a new phase of cosmic alignment) begins.

But every great once in a while, an entity will adapt the PUZZLE UNLIKE ANY OTHER. Many people never really discover this moment of opportunity, but most people will pass through it at least once in their lifetime.

The puzzle’s secret is found deep in the understanding of each Transit Period. 

In fact, this is a moment where those enlightened few can find “true love,” or land that big raise, or close a huge sale or INSTANTANEOUSLY COME UPON IMMEASURABLE ABUNDANCE that lifts them up - regardless of where they’ve been or how things have gone before.

It takes a rare individual to complete the puzzle, but the odds alone make it possible, and there are always a handful who do complete it and suddenly find themselves LIVING THEIR TRUEST DREAM LIFE...having realized their Infinite Destiny.

Recall Susan Boyle on America’s Got Talent… Deprived of oxygen at birth and left with learning disabilities. Bullied at school. Her mother passed in ‘97, and neighbors claimed she stayed locked up in that house not responding to anyone for several days. A seemingly terrible fate for a seemingly mundane and routine woman.

But then her moment came. Her cosmic bodies aligned and luck shown its light down upon her. She didn’t get promoted or find her soul mate, but by the power of luck, she finished the puzzle by pure chance and rose to INTERNATIONAL FAME AND CELEBRITY STATUS! She went on to become the best-selling debut album for a female artist… EVER. She found her Infinite Destiny, and has lived her TRUEST life of dreams ever since.

Your Free Mini-Reading is waiting for you below and now is the time to unlock your fortunes and destines for the greater well being...


Best Regards,

Your Name
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